35 Years: 1979–2014

Our Facilities

The headquarters for August Home is a handsome brick Colonial-style building at 2200 Grand Avenue that looks more like a home than an office, which reflects the company’s personality. This building is part of a campus setting on the west edge of downtown Des Moines that includes another office building next door and a building across Grand Avenue which is home to our woodworking shop, photo studio, fitness center, and auditorium. Also on the grounds is a beautifully restored 1880s brick carriage house, a reminder of the original mansion that once stood at 2200 Grand Avenue. Today, it serves as a meeting and training facility, and as a project display area. (Some folks even sneak away to the carriage house for a quiet retreat during the day.) If you visit our offices, ask to see the photo scrapbook of the carriage house restoration.

Between the carriage house and the office is a large perennial garden with fountains in what was once a parking lot and loading dock. Our on-staff gardener maintains the garden, making it an inviting area to take a break. Also in our neighborhood, just two doors down to the west, is the Governor’s Mansion.

In keeping with the “hands-on” nature of the magazines, the offices include a full-fledged workshop where all of the woodworking projects are built, and a test kitchen for Cuisine at home. Close by is a 7-acre site with a working test garden for Garden Gate.

The Woodsmith Store, located on Hickman Road in Clive (a suburb of Des Moines), serves as a one-stop shopping center for woodworkers providing power tools, hand tools, hardwood lumber, and a myriad of supplies. The wooden floors, open rafters, and the generous use of wood in the fixtures recall the feel of old-time hardware stores and lumber yards.

Inside the office buildings, each group’s work area is arranged into a “neighborhood.” Each person has the privacy they need to allow them to concentrate on tasks, but co-workers are only a step or two away for meetings and consultations.