35 Years: 1979–2014
August Home Intranet

August Home’s intranet site keeps our professionals informed on what’s happening in the company and around town.

Lines of Communication

We’re a small company with big ideas — and sharing those ideas is a big part of making them reality. August Home has several methods to keep the ideas and communication flowing between everyone in the company.

First Friday

During a monthly meeting called “First Friday,” August Home President/Founder Don Peschke and group managers provide updates and answer questions about what’s happening within each group — discussing staff promotions, policy changes, company finances, interesting projects, and more. August Home Professionals can also submit questions anonymously to Don prior to First Friday, and they are always answered openly and honestly (even the tough ones). Plus, lunch is provided!

August Home Intranet

August Home Publishing’s intranet site is designed to keep Professionals in touch with people and happenings around the company. You will find up-to-the-minute stories about service anniversaries, new employees, wellness tips, new benefits being offered, what our Charitable Contributions committee is up to as well as highlights from our monthly First Friday meetings. Plus, find out about the wide variety of personal and professional development opportunities offered free to our employees.